resume 代写-广告的作用

本文主要讲广告的作用,广告是连接公众和商业组织的最有价值的信息桥梁,是全球经济增长的重要引擎。到处都有广告。广告客户倾向于使用许多方法和诡计来在目标受众之间传递信息。受众倾向于通过所有的感官来感知他们的信息(Stuhlfaut and Windels, 2015)。营销人员和广告商的秘密目的是提高目标人群的意识,同时说服他们成为客户群体。在广告的过程中,告知和理解受众,同时教育受众他们的参与是至关重要的。本篇resume 代写文章由美国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Advertisement is a significant engine of growth for global economies as it is the most valuable bridge of information linking the public and business organization. There is the existence of advertisement all across the streets and everywhere. Advertisers tend to be using a number of methods and wiles for the delivery of message across the audience target. The audience tends to be perceiving their messages by all of the senses (Stuhlfaut and Windels, 2015). The secretive purpose of marketers and advertisers is about raising the awareness of the targeted people, while persuading them to be the customer group. Informing and understanding the audience, while educating the audience regarding their involvement is crucial in the process of advertising.
Prior to passing on the message to the audience, there will be occurrence of potential disruptions across the information while transitioning the flow of information (Hackley and Hackley, 2016). These potential misleading and misrepresentations can be considered crucial for the marketers and advertisers in terms of unwanted side-tracks. The delivery of message within advertisement can be provided on the basis of meaning and information. Advertisement based on information is generally regarding that include information for the offer of services or products, and the values of brand. It can be considered as a persuasive and sensible cause for the audiences targeted for becoming the customers (Pich and Armannsdottir, 2015). Advertising based on meaning include the messages conceptualized to enlighten the customers for thinking about the wants and needs in association with the brand.
The aim of this essay is to critically analyse and evaluate three advertisements from different perspectives. First, the advertisements will be analysed from their elements of communication. While providing reasons, these specific signs are conveying specific meanings. Based on this analysis, discussion on the meanings of these ads will be conducted. Further ahead, in reference with the three ads, this essay will be distinguishing between covert communications and ostensive communications. Elaborating the overall discussion, the three ads will analyse the utilization of polysemy, symbolism, and intertextuality. Key points of conclusion will be drafted based on this.