本文主要内容是利普塞特理论,这突出了由西摩·马丁·利普塞特创立的利普塞特现代化和民主理论。该理论认为,经济发展的几个方面,如教育、财富、工业化和城市化,作为与民主相关的一个关键方面,其功能是相关的(He and Feng, 2008)。研究人员认为,民主是从文化和社会方面实现的(Inglehart和Welzel, 2009)。利普塞特理论指出,国家必须对历史上发生的独特事件和以自治方式运作的政治性质的子系统保持敏感。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

This highlights the Lipset theory of modernization and democracy as established by Seymour Martin Lipset. The theory argues that the several aspects of economic development such as education, wealth, industrialization and urbanization are associated to function as a key aspect that is associated with the democracy (He and Feng, 2008). It was argued by the researchers that the democracy is realised from the cultural and social aspects (Inglehart and Welzel, 2009). The theory of Lipset indicates that the nation is required to be sensitive towards the unique events that have occurred in the history and on the subsystem of political nature that functions in an autonomous manner.
The focus of the American ideology on the uniqueness in Americanism indicates that the suggestions of Lipset to develop a unique nation that is based on the republicanism, individualism, egalitarianism, liberty and democracy along with the economics of laissez-faire nature indicates that the situation of US is best explained by the Lipset theory (Dahl, 2005). According to the Lipset theory, China holds the ability to make substantial achievements in terms of economy and entails the focus to remain working towards the democracy. The theory indicates that the political system is associated with various aspects of the community and society (Grugel and Bishop, 2014). Furthermore, it is indicated that the economic development can only be used in cases of China for supporting the survival of democracy.
It was identified that the development of the economy is related with a wide range of factors. Therefore, these aspects further influence and cause the democratisation to take place (Haerpfer, 2009). The increase in the equality as it is evident in the case of United States, education, work experience in manufacturing factories and urbanization along with the weakening of the traditional practices allows the nations to go towards the democratisation.
The economic development was the primary factor that resulted in the democratization of US (Hague et al., 2016). However, as the political system of the nation is closely associated by the society, the impacts of economic development towards influencing the democracy can be seen across China in future.