research paper代写:现行存货管理系统

research paper代写:现行存货管理系统

对于今天的大中型企业来说,控制库存是最重要的因素。为了在该领域生存,一个良好的供应链网络和管理承诺是必不可少的。大量的企业使用启发式实践来管理库存(Narayanapillai, 2014)。这可能会影响业务扩展到新地方的时间。绩效较好的中小企业更重视供应商授权、供应商互动、库存核查的规律性、生产技术、客户互动和原材料订购频率,而不是管理态度、员工利益等方面(Muller, 2011)。

2. 方法



像乐高这样的公司生产的塑料产品很柔软,如果暴露在阳光和其他天气条件下,会发生变化。这需要优化库存管理实践,包括削减不必要的开支和避免业务效率低下。为了与客户打交道,乐高在不同的地方建立了生产基地,以便于品牌推广。产品的使用寿命为16 – 18个月(Muller, 2011)。同时,据报道,销售的不确定性高达30%。因此,乐高改变了它看待库存实践的方式。

research paper代写:现行存货管理系统

乐高的库存是方便的,所以订单的提前时间是有限的,并实现了客户的满意度。2004年初,乐高因严重的内部危机面临破产,库存成本极高。从危机中吸取教训后,乐高的库存管理不再支持过剩商品,因此原材料的浪费得到了控制。产能利用率扩大到80%以上,支持了高供给和高需求(Muller, 2011)。为了让客户更轻松的享受到更好的品质,库存外包是在团队专注于核心活动,外包团队专注于供应链管理的一段时间内进行的。

research paper代写:现行存货管理系统

Controlling inventory is the most important element for mid and large sized businesses today. For survival in the domain, a good supply chain network followed by management commitment are essential. Large number of businesses make use of heuristics practice to manage inventory (Narayanapillai, 2014). This could affect when the business expands to new places. Better performing SMEs gives importance to supplier empowerment, supplier interaction, stock verification regularity, production technology, customer interaction and raw material ordering frequency on the topmost priorities over other aspects such as management attitude, employee interests (Muller, 2011).

2. Method

The methodology applied in this paper is to make use of secondary data from company site and also to analyze with the company practices from trustworthy sources. Case study approach is also applicable and the case study to be chosen for this is the comeback of Lego after the crisis and changes in supply chain system. This case study also discusses about inventory management and internal flaws that led to risks. The choice of data will give a better understanding on the practices and also will ensure credibility in the results.

3. Case study – Inventory management system of Lego

Companies like Lego deal with plastic products that are tender and change if exposed to light and other weather conditions. This demands optimization of inventory management practices that include cutbacks of unwanted expenses and avoidance of inefficiency in operations. To deal with the customers, Lego maintains production sites at different places for easier branding. The products are known to have longevity period of 16 – 18 months (Muller, 2011). At the same time, it is reported that the sales uncertainty is as high as 30%. As a result, Lego has changed the way it looks on inventory practice.

research paper代写:现行存货管理系统

Inventory of Lego is made handy so that the order lead time is limited and the customer satisfaction is achieved. Earlier in 2004, Lego faced bankruptcy due to major internal crisis and the inventory cost was extremely high. Having learnt lessons from the crisis, the inventory management of Lego does not support surplus goods and hence, wastage of raw materials is controlled. Capacity utilization is extended to greater than 80 percent which supported high rates of supply and demands (Muller, 2011). To ease the customers with better quality, inventory outsourcing was done for a period of time when the team concentrated on core activities and outsourced teams focused on supply chain management.