不同的组织在设计产品、流程和服务时采用了不同的操作,甚至在相同的行业也是如此。即使在单个操作中,也有不同的方法来设计产品、服务和流程。大多数制造组织在大规模生产的基础上组织一个主要区域,在这个区域内,组织以更高的产量生产最畅销的服务或产品(Bortolotti, T.和Romano, P。,2012)。在制造单元的同一部分,也可能有一个区域,其中产品的品种更多,产量更小。无论是设计每一个产品设置,还是制作产品和服务的过程设计,都有可能是不同的。因此,影响是突出的,可以通过对不同体量不同功能的关注来解释。


对于一个运营活动来说,当理解性能目标的设定方式以及由此而来的为每个设计活动方面设定的目标时,体积和多样性会受到特别的影响(Silvestro et al, 1992)。下图描述了质量、依赖性、灵活性和价格如何受操作中数量变化位置的影响。


Distinct operations, even in same industries have been adopted by distinct organizations for designing their products, processes and services. Even across an individual operation, there are distinct approaches to design products, services and processes that can be illustrated. Most manufacturing organizations have a major area which is organized over a basis of mass-production wherein the organizations make their best-selling services or products at higher volume (Bortolotti, T. and Romano, P., 2012). There may also be an area, in the same part of the manufacturing unit wherein products are produced in larger variety and in much small volumes. Both design every product setting and the process design making the products and services have a likeliness of being different. Therefore, the influence is prominent and can be explained by focus over different volume various functions.

Volume-Variety Influence over objectives of performance

For an operation’s activity, the volume and variety are specifically influenced when understanding the way in which the objectives for performance are set and hence forth the objectives set for every design activity aspects are also crucial (Silvestro et al, 1992). The following figure depicted how quality, dependence, flexibility and price are impacted on the position of volume variety within an operation.