This report is based on the leadership qualities and theories. With the help of a movie character, the leadership style of that character and theory related to that kind of leadership has been explored and lessons have been drawn out of that. Further, a critical assessment has been done on the leadership theory and the principles of leadership have been explored. A self-analysis for the leadership abilities is done at the end of the report as well.On analyzing the leadership abilities of own and providing the recommendation over the improvement area here is the plan for personal leadership development based on the recommendations above.
Communication is one of key areas and many problems can be sorted out if the internal communication within the team is strong enough. This can improve the leadership (Hirst, 2004). Also building a productive and more efficient work environment is based on communicating principles. The leadership confidence is already there but a focus on innovation side is important as well. Innovation helps in bringing new ideas by doing a brain storming in the team and coming up with some innovative idea to expand the business. There is a scope in improving the innovation side on which the focus has been made as well.
There is a long-term vision for the future but the integrity approach should be incorporated. The plan is to focus on integrity area and involve more in empathic engagement area. Also, training sessions should be placed in pipelines for team members and specific role based training should be provided. Also, technology specific sessions are to be conducted and members are motivated to join those sessions. Knowledge sharing is also encouraged so that the team can cross train themselves and gain more of current market trends which will definitely benefit the business growth.
This report is based on the leadership theories, styles and principles where a detailed analysis of leadership theories like Team leadership, Hill’s model, Path-Goal theory and Transformational Leadership have been discussed. The leadership principles are very much required and vital for implementing successful business strategies.