The picture element in Rogue nations is unique and easy to create. There is a sense of nostalgia that has been associated with this gaming structure. It allows the people to connect with the users because of its minimalistic deigns. There is a sense of nostalgia that is associated with these games. Hence it makes it interesting game play.
Colour palette used for this gaming creation is minimal. There is effective use of gradient and texture that combines it with the sophisticated game design. This paradox that is involved in this game makes it particularly interesting (Reale, Liu, Yin & Canavan, 2013).
The gaming concept has been aided by the addition of this design. There are a number of elements that make this ideology behind the game to be easily accessible to the people.
The elements of the game had traditional isometric projection. It was found to be favoured than the modern day perspective-viewing element. This has aided in the graphics to be interesting.
The graphic designers had wantonly tried to connect with the image of the game to be nostalgic in some respects. This is seen in their use of traditional 80s style of pixel art. Retro design making costs is very low when compared to alternative 3d imaging. However this game was not designed in order to reduce costs. The primary reason was to create a sense of nostalgia in order to ensure that the people felt a sense of connection and reacted positively to the nostalgic representation. But it has been observed that creation of a number of other video games using 8 Bit technologies is favoured because of lower costs involved in the process (Reale, Liu, Yin & Canavan, 2013). It has been observed that economical implications are also major reasons for sustenance of the art forms. This reduced costs and space to create innovative designs make this concept of video games particularly interesting. It is because of this attribute pixel art will be prevalent in the future gaming designs as well.
The visual elements of the game design have been made simplistic. This is to ensure that the people feel the need to add more dimensions to the presented imageries. There is a lot of in depth perception and elements that can be added by the individuals in order to make this gaming design unique (Reale, Liu, Yin & Canavan, 2013).