Entrepreneur is defined as a person who has the ability to organize and manage an enterprise in the areas of business. The individual who undertakes this role undertakes considerable initiative and risk. Entrepreneurs are the people who are found to promote the capital development within the economy. They are used for the industrial and the economic development of the country. They are found to create employment development and opportunities for the nations. These entrepreneurs aid in the development of the people and the local economies. These entrepreneurs and smaller business leads to the positive development of the economy. It cannot be refuted that entrepreneurship leads to the development of the economy. It is imperative to understand the notion of entrepreneurship is an integrated concept. It is found that the notion of entrepreneurship have many variables that are embedded into its design. It can be deciphered that the people need to understand gender nuances in the culture to understand the impact of entrepreneurship.
Reflection on the societal construction reveals that there is significant correlation between gender and economics of a place. One of the most obvious assumptions that are made in this construct is that the men in the society are more ambitious and hence they tend to develop more aggressive and ambitious business innovations. There is a gendered construct that is found to exist in the societies. Moore and Buttner (1997) state that up until the 1980s there was nothing known about the female entrepreneurs and all the studies were exclusively maneuvered in the male gender. It was only in the early 1980 there was more importance given to the female entrepreneurship and the women-run organizations.
Foucault (1972) states that ‘practices which systematically form the object of which they speak’. It can be symbolized that the notion of gender plays integral role in the understanding of the gendering of the entrepreneurial practices. There is a need to understand the impact of gender in the role of entrepreneurship address the vulnerabilities