The shareholders of the company are benefitted as with improve quality of the service, the business receives more success, bring more money and benefits for the company. The benefit of the business depends on the capacity, caliber and skills of the employees. The employee’s skills and working capacity depend upon their positive attitude and motivation towards work. The shareholders receive more profit when the business generates more revenue. The revenue of the business can be increased by increasing the working ability of the employees. Work satisfaction and employees retention make the business successful. If the employees are satisfied with their job and receive appropriate incentives and benefits from their employers, they feel motivated to provide quality services.
The management of the organization is also responsible for bringing more benefits for the share holders. The empowerment of the employees and task management must be done in such a manner, where employees find opportunity for personal growth, promotion, recognition, and challenges (Silva, 2007). The organizations, where employees are allowed for decision making, are more tend to receive organizational success (Silva, 2007).
The motivational spirit and employee satisfaction in the hospitality industry, as it is significantly connected to satisfaction of guests, satisfaction of employees and benefits of the shareholders. Providing incentives in different form will motivate employees to complete their job with quality and commitment. If the employees will be satisfied, happy and content, they will have the internal encouragement to complete this job with dedication. Satisfaction and happiness of the guests is equally important in the Hospitality industry. Guest, who receives quality services, feels more happy and satisfied.
Financial rewards work as great motivation for employees. In the hospitality industry employee retention is a major problem for the HR professionals. Shareholders can receive more revenue and benefits, by spending some amount of finances on offering direct and indirect incentives to employees. Incentives can be provided in the form of money, promotion, insurance, rewards or other benefits. The effective incentive plans can be made for the encouragement, motivation and empowerment of the employees in hospitality industry.