本文主要讲的是碳排放与旅游业的关系,碳排放计划是当今所有航空公司企业社会责任政策中最具影响力的部分之一,其主要原因是环境中二氧化碳的增加。本研究重点关注了维珍航空等航空公司,以及阿联酋航空、联合航空、布鲁塞尔航空和捷蓝航空等航空公司如何通过让客户参与到项目中来制定自己的碳减排计划(Zhang and Li, 2014)。同样,关于碳排放的可持续旅游发展的概念也将被讨论,看看它如何能解决环境和旅游业发展的不和谐。本篇essay代写文章由美国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Carbon emission program is one of the most influential parts of the CSR policies of all airlines companies nowadays mainly due to the increase in the CO2 in the environment. This study focuses on the highlighting how airline companies like Virgin Atlantic and others such as Emirates, United Airlines, Brussels Airlines and JetBlue have developed their own carbon reduction programs by involving their customers within the project (Zhang and Li, 2014). Similarly, the concept of sustainable tourism development in respect to carbon emission would also be discussed to see how it can solve the disharmony that can develop within environment and tourism.
Finally, the limitations and critiques of marketing of sustainable tourism development would also be highlighted to see how it can be improved in the future. It can be concluded by saying that the concept of carbon emission is becoming very popular mainly due to its constant effect in the degradation process of the environment. It has been noted that airlines play an effective role in generating carbon through their air flights, so it has become important for these companies to develop sustainable and ethical strategies in order to successfully operate their business in the UK.
In this paper, the concept of the development of sustainable tourism has been discussed in brief with an aim to provide its readers with the knowledge on how sustainable tourism can help to build greenhouse projects in order to minimize the effects of carbon emission in the environment. The carbon reduction projects developed by various competitors of Virgin Atlantic have been discussed to see how these companies are able to contribute towards the development of the environment. Similarly, the ethical principles and the possible disharmony between tourism, sustainable development and the environment have also been highlighted to see how Virgin Atlantic is utilizing their carbon reduction project effectively. Finally, the critique to the marketing of sustainable tourism development has been analyzed to see how it can be improved in the near future.