BRICS nation has the natural resources, young population, increasing innovation, cheaper labour or manufacturing costs and a more determined population. They were responsible for the growth of the economy of these nations. The Four nations have shown enormous potential for growth in the past few decades. The development of the technology and increase in the globalist agenda shows that the nations are developing at a positive rate. However, in the past few years the allure of this technology is not so prominent.
The issues of corruption, dwindling need for reserves, political issues, increase in the age of the population, exaggeration of the growth potential of the BRICS nation causes the growth be impeded for these nations. This fear stirs a negative cycle of events. This causes the growth of the nation be impeded in the process. The nations should find ways to contend towards this ideology.
It cannot be refuted that the BRICS nations have the potential to become world leaders and they also have to address the issues of the nation. In the case of macroeconomics only tangible factors cannot be viewed. There is a need for a cohesive policy to address the solutions. The five nations need to address their internal issues in order to become world leaders. Hence, BRICS nation has the potential to become dominant world players and they can also become the nations that are marred by issues. Owing to this, these nations should solve their internal issues to become stronger players in the world markets.