One of the newest trends in the hotel industry is viral advertising. It is an advertising technique with which the services of the hotel are promoted with the use of social media. The social media marketing techniques help in increasing brand awareness with which marketing objectives are achieved. The application of such advanced e- marketing techniques will act as an organized approach for targeting, measuring and regular optimization of the related campaigns that are based on the viral marketing maps and metrics of the campaign etc.
The viral marketing maps helps in the mapping of the worldwide customers in the new sales channel. A channel that helps in the generation of the new leads channel and a channel that helps in spreading awareness about the brand image of the hotel.The social media marketing techniques in the hotel industry are acting as revolutionary agents in form of social networking sites. In the life cycle of consumers, a vital role is played by the social networking sites nowadays. Hotel Holiday Inn uses two major players of social networking sites i.e. Face book and Twitter for reducing the gap between the company brand and the worldwide customers.
Direct branding of hotel property is done through social media medium with which maximum number of audiences spread worldwide can be reached easily. The e-marketing strategies of the company helps in the assessment of the exact idea about the mind-set of the customers and customers are also provided with a platform through which the feelings, demands and suggestions for the betterment of the brand image and services of the company can be used.