公民新聞可以被解釋爲一種新聞採集系統的形式,它要求人們作爲一個獨立的個體實體在主流媒體機構之外運作(Campbell, 2015)。當人們覺得主流媒體對事件的描述存在偏見或不可信時,他們通常會做一些替代報道。它們是公衆對這些問題的一種反應。然而,公民新聞在傳統新聞實踐的授權之外運作(Goode, 2009)。人們不知道倫理的細微差別,也不知道覈實來源的方法。它們被認爲是問題執行的原始形式。在這種情況下,活躍的受衆實際上成爲了情境的內容開發人員。



公民新聞經常成爲邪惡或不道德新聞的同義詞。公民新聞通常從事不道德的行爲,或成爲完全侵入性的搜索信息。這涉及到調查名人的私生活。這往往會導致明星的形象受損。在某些情況下,它經常被引用爲誹謗。在這一過程中,與新聞相關的倫理問題經常受到質疑。然而,他們的存在是由於市場和他們的商業成功(Kaufhold, Valenzuela, & De Zuniga, 2010)。由於公衆參與新聞媒介的作用,在這一過程中也獲得了某種形式的滿足。由於涉及到員工,他們不理解維持公司生存所需的微妙的道德要求。常規的主流主題往往是形式化和科學化的(Lacy et al., 2010)。對於那些只想從日常生活中解脫出來的人來說,這也可能被證明是平凡或嚴肅的。這個體系中的人們沒有意識到記者的職業道德和角色。


主流媒體歡迎公民新聞的形式,因爲他們可以獲得事件的原始鏡頭。在2004年海嘯期間,受海嘯影響的人們發佈了真實的影響(Papandrea, 2007)。在這些情況下,人們用這些錄像來了解事件的實況。在災難發生的時候,記者不可能總是去災區,因此這種形式的新聞可以成爲記者的有用替代品。同樣在政治事件中,某些媒體也掩蓋了真實事件。在這些情況下,公民新聞可以用來描繪現實生活的影響。在實行種族滅絕的地方,公民新聞可以證明是人民的救命之恩。公民新聞揭示了政治侵略的真實影響和社會中人們的問題。魯基亞·哈桑,公民凱特爲國際社會做出了許多貢獻。他們努力指出國家的政治影響(Mythen, 2010)。它們在社區中引發了許多問題。社區的這些變化帶來了積極的影響。這些公民記者沒有政治支持,在許多情況下,他們冒着生命危險,向社會和政治專營權的侵略者描繪真相。他們的努力應該受到讚揚,因爲他們這樣做是出於他們自己對社會福利的無私精神。



Citizen journalism can be explained as a form of news gathering system that requires the people to be functioning as a separate individual entity apart from the mainstream media institutions (Campbell, 2015). They are usually done as substitute when the people feel that the mainstream media portrayed of events if biased or not credible. They are a form of public response against the issues. Nevertheless, citizen journalism operates outside the mandates of traditional journalistic practices (Goode, 2009).The people are not aware of the nuances of ethics or the ways to verify the sources. They are considered to be the raw form of implementation of the issues. In this case the active audiences actually become the content developers of the situation.

The purpose of this analysis is to look into the nuanced reasons as to why citizen journalism is popular by using specific stories.

Reasons for the existence of citizen journalism

Citizen journalism has often become synonymous with nefarious or unethical journalism. The citizen journalism is usually embarked on unethical practice or become downright intrusive to search for information. This involves probing into the private lives of the well-known people. This often leads to tarnishing of the images of the celebrities. In some cases, it is often cited as libel. Ethics related to journalism is often questioned in this process. Yet they exist owing to the market and their commercial success (Kaufhold, Valenzuela, & De Zúñiga, 2010). There is also a form of satisfaction that is garnered in this process as the public is involved in the role of the news media. Since the people are involved, they do not understand the nuanced ethical mandates required for the sustenance of the company. Regular mainstream topics tend to be formalized and scientific (Lacy et al., 2010). It can also prove to be mundane or serious for people who simply want a break from their routine life. The people in this system are not aware of the ethics and the role of a journalist.


Mainstream media welcomes the forms of citizen’s journalism as they can gain raw footage of the events. During the Tsunami of 2004, the people affected by the impact of the tsunami had posted the real impact (Papandrea, 2007). In these cases, the footage by the people were used to understand the live footage of the events. The journalist cannot always reach out to the places during times of disaster and hence this forms of journalism can be a useful substitute for the journalist. Also in the cases of political events, certain media outlets obscure the real events. In these cases, the citizen journalism can be used to portray the real life impacts. In places where genocide is practiced citizen journalism can prove to be life saving for the people. The real impact of a political aggressiveness and the issues of the people in the society are brought to light using citizen journalism. Ruqia Hassan, citizen Kate had done many services to the world community. They have undertaken efforts to point out towards the political ramifications in the state (Mythen, 2010). They have led to a number of issues in the communities. These changes in the communities lead to positive impacts. These citizen journalists do not have the political support and in many cases risk their lives to portray truth against the aggressors of the societies and the political franchises. Their efforts need to be lauded as they do it out of their own altruistic spirits for the welfare of the community.

However, this is not the only case with citizen journalism.

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