本文主要讲社交媒体的作用,社交媒体是电台无价的工具,因为它是免费的。它使用方便,是一种无与伦比的与听众沟通的方式,从而获得了大规模的电台宣传。为了确保社会媒体的努力能够产生影响,广播电台要建立一个清晰的策略来帮助保持文章的新鲜、娱乐和原创从开始到结束(Cunningham, 2010)。在澳大利亚,有很多电台已经开始利用社交媒体和在线媒体来复兴他们,用原创的、新鲜的材料来振兴听众的思想。这些组织中的一些正在使用现在的功能,而另一些组织正在使用侦听器请求。这使这些组织有了竞争能力。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Social media is a tool of invaluable nature for radio stations as it is free. There is usage ease and it is an unbeatable manner of connecting with the listening audience resulting to gain station publicity at a large scale. To ensure that the social media efforts make an influence, it is a good idea for radio stations to create a clear strategy that helps in keeping the posts fresh, entertaining and original from the start of the day to its end (Cunningham, 2010). There are various radio stations in Australia which have started harnessing social media and online media to rejuvenate them and revitalise the minds of the listeners with the original and fresh material. Some of these organizations are using now playing feature while others are making use of listener requests. These have allowed competitive ability to these organizations.

The thesis statement of this essay is to visualize by comparing and contrasting the services provided by 2 radio broadcasting websites (Groeling, 2010). There is no doubt that radio has integrated social media into its platforms of broadcasting. The two broadcasting websites selected are inclusive of a public service and a commercial service broadcaster. The public service provider selected is Radio National and Fox.

This public service broadcaster exists for nurturing all Australians intellectual and cultural life and this is as important and integral as a player within the national conversation development around the notions which are of much consideration. The broadcaster is known for its content speciality across culture and arts, current affairs and business, health, science and technology along with religion and ethics (Western et al., 2013). The content is excellent with regard to the fact that it offers thought provoking analysis delivered over air and across various digitalized platforms. RN (Radio National, Australia) from this perspective is a dynamic production house with world class ability where content is innovatively commissioned and produced. There are some programs which the company relays over Radio Australia which is a free to air service of shortwave internationally by ABC. Currently, RN has 327 transmitting sites and is responsible for covering more than 98 percent of Australia areas permanently inhabited (Utley, 2007).