文化失調是我們在日常生活中可以觀察到的現象。即使在家裏,我們也不得不面對許多與文化不和諧相關的事件。我不得不面對文化不和諧的一個事件是,我計劃在大學時代和我的伴侶呆在一起(Waggoner et al., 1970)。我是今天這個年紀的人,像和女性同居這樣的事情被認爲是合理的。我所有的朋友都過着同樣的生活。我們相信這兩者之間沒有什麼錯。我們是成年人。因此,我們可以自由地過我們想要的生活。我相信和我的女性伴侶在一起會幫助我以更好的方式,因爲她瞭解我很長一段時間。而且,她會比任何人都更關心我(Lahire et al, 2008)。總之,她將是一個完美的人,以適應我和安慰我在一個新的環境。

因此,我決定和她住在一起,開始住在我的教育機構附近的一個房間。有一天,我的父母問我關於我的逗留計劃。然而,當我的父母知道這一點,他們變得暴躁。他們狠狠地罵了我一頓,好像我犯了罪似的。他們認爲這是我所犯的最大的罪。就在第二天,他們來到我的住處。那時,我的搭檔在外面。我的父母命令我回家,留下一切(Foster et al., 1977)。



我和父母就這個問題進行了激烈的討論,但他們不願意聽。他們不明白他們的文化與我們的不同。他們應該接受許多事情,他們不會看到在他們的年齡,但這是非常普遍的現在。我父親叫我不要回家,也不要和他說話。這件事之後我很傷心。我對我的關係非常認真(Tomlinson, 2000)。然而,我也不想失去我的父母。


Cultural dissonance is something that can be observed by us in our day to day life. Even in our homes, we have to face many incidents related to the cultural dissonance. One of the incidents where I had to face cultural dissonance was the time when I had planned to stay along with my partner in college times (Waggoner et al., 1970). I am a person of today’s age where things such as living with a female partner are considered valid. All of my friends live their life in the same manner. We believe that there is nothing wrong in the same. We are adults. Therefore, we were free to live our life in the way we wanted to. I believed that staying with my female partner would help me in the better manner as she knows me for a long time. Also, she would care for me more than anyone else (Lahire et al, 2008). In short, she will be the perfect person to accommodate me and comfort me in a new environment.

Therefore, I decided to live with her and begin to live in a room near my educational institution. One day, my parents asked me about my stay which I had planned. However, as soon as my parents knew this, they went irascible. They scolded me badly as if I committed a crime. They believed that this was the biggest sin which I have committed. The very next day, they came to my place. At that time, my partner was outside. My parents ordered me to come back to home and leave everything (Foster et al., 1977).


This was the cultural disownment which I had to face with my parents. I was also stuck at my point. This was the very first time when I had simply neglected what my parents said. They said that it is against our culture that a guy and a girl lives together before their marriage and under no conditions they can accept it.

I had a heavy discussion over the same with my parents, but they were not ready to listen to this. They did not understand that their culture has been different from ours. They should accept many things which they wouldn’t have seen in their age but it is very common now. My father asked me not to return home or talk to him. I was sad after this incident. I was very serious about my relationship (Tomlinson, 2000). However, I didn’t want to lose my parents as well.