本文主要讲的是实施活动和初步目标,重新调整组织目标以适应员工的目标,并产生一个新的使命声明,以遵循(Pater, Roest, & Kleinreesink, 2005)。传播公司的使命宣言,为所有员工灌输一个共同的目标,制定新的最低员工绩效标准,并培训所有员工达到这一最低绩效水平,如果达不到这一标准,员工就可能不再是旅行指南。培训必须确保正确解释员工的所有期望,并使他们了解与公司基准服务标准相一致的绩效标准。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Realign organisational goals accommodate employee goals as well, and produce a new mission statement to be followed (Pater, Roest, & Kleinreesink, 2005). Spread the mission statement and infuse a singular purpose in all employees .Formulate a new strategy of minimum employee performance standard and train all employees to attain this minimum level of performance, failing which they may be withdrawn from being travel guides. The training must ensure proper explanation of all that is expected from the employees and make them aware of the performance standard which is again aligned with the company’s benchmark service standards.

Financial management is the most important step in controlling costs, improving sales, and enhancing net profits on a year on ear basis (Hall & Hord, 2001). The company must implement a plan of financial control to be followed by all employees and adhere to the guidelines so as to keep the investment under the prescribed limits. The employees must also be trained in such controlling activities so that they become innovative in using alternative modes of enhancing the sales and profits and reducing monetary investments for growth.

A renewed and refreshed but relevant and company-enhancing hiring procedure must be implemented where the directors, the employees must be assessed on the basis of their performance, the value they add, and the level of their commitment to the organisation (Cameron & Green, 2004). After assessment, proper task allotment must be done with a focus on product and service enhancements.The prime target is to reduce attrition levels, improve employee satisfaction, employee morale enhancement, and make the team stronger by instilling a meaningful purpose in all employees.
Thus these must be achieved in less than 6 months time.

This is primarily done to improve productivity of each employee, equip them with the skills and knowledge required to give superior experience to customers and convert customers into loyal customers. The performance standard defined will set a benchmark for service delivery and will challenge employees to grow personally.
This must be achieved in a time of 6-8 months.

This is primarily done to improve the bottom line of the business which is seen consistent decline. The cost when controlled can improve net profits and thus it can have more money to spend in its future growth.
The target must be to reduce the cost by 5-7% every year and improve sales and net profits by 5-7% every year which is the board’s expectations.

The prime idea is to forma team which is on the same platform of understanding and performance and accept the market conditions and acts accordingly. The director’s team when guides properly through the years of their experience, the team also get motivated and learns new things to be implemented.
This target must be achieved in less than 6 months following all procedural methods.