随着全球市场的不断变化和全球商业环境的竞争,客户满意度已经成为最重要和最受追捧的方面之一。顾客满意是消费者的行为方式,可以定义为购买或使用产品或服务后的满意程度(Blythe, 2013)。由于市场竞争的加剧和顾客需求的增加,为了提高顾客的满意度,组织除了保持标准的服务和产品质量外,还制定了各种政策、程序和策略(robert – lombard, 2009)。在当今全球化的背景下,以服务为导向的企业,尤其是快餐行业,需要关注顾客的满意度。这可能会增加顾客的重复购买行为,这可能再次导致品牌忠诚度(Cheng, Chiu, Hu, & Chang, 2011)。

每个组织不仅要努力使顾客满意,而且要使他们对公司忠诚。此外,为了使顾客忠诚,组织必须首先使顾客对他们所体验到的服务或产品感到满意(Leisen Pollack, Journal of Services Marketing)。因此,探索顾客满意度与忠诚度之间的关系,提高顾客忠诚度在与其他快餐店的竞争中起着至关重要的作用。因此,本研究有助于评估顾客满意度与忠诚度之间的关系。因为这项研究将使其他研究者能够进行特定领域的研究,这将最终帮助营销者理解这些方面在营销中的重要性。本研究对营销者具有重要的意义,因为他们将了解提高客户满意度的各个方面,以及客户关系与忠诚度之间的关系,这很可能满足并赢得忠诚的客户(Rajagopal, 2010)。研究人员对市场营销很感兴趣,因此选择了这个会增加知识的感兴趣的话题。


Why are you interested in the project?

With the ever changing global market and competitive business environment all across the globe, customer satisfaction has been one of the most essential and sought after aspects. Customer satisfaction is the behavioural approach of consumers that can be defined as the satisfaction level after the purchase or use of the products or service (Blythe, 2013). Organizations have been formulating various policies, procedures and strategies, apart from maintaining standard service and quality of products, in order to enhance the satisfaction level of the customers because of the increased competition in the market and increasing demand of customers (Roberts-Lombard, 2009). In current globalization, service oriented business, particularly fast food industry needs to focus on the satisfaction of the customers. This is likely to increase customer repetitive purchasing behaviour, which might again lead to brand loyalty (Cheng, Chiu, Hu, & Chang, 2011).

Every organization not only strives to make their customers satisfied but makes them loyal towards the company. Moreover, to make the customers loyal, the organizations must make their customers satisfied with the service or products that they have experienced first (Leisen Pollack, Journal of Services Marketing). Hence, exploring the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty and enhancing them has played very crucial role in competition with other fast food restaurants. Thus, this research helps to evaluate the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty. As this research will enable other researchers to conduct the specific areas of study which will ultimately assist the marketers in understanding the significance of these aspects in marketing. This research study would be of great significance to the marketers as they will understand various aspects that will enhance customer satisfaction and the relationship between customer relationship and loyalty, which is likely to satisfy and win loyal customers (Rajagopal, 2010). The researcher has interest in marketing and thus has taken this topic of interest which will add to knowledge.