本文主要讲的是定性研究方法,本研究采用的是定性研究方法。选择的定性方法是访谈法。这是用来产生的数据是从实践(Chacko et al., 2012)。定性方法被用在许多方法学方法中,下面介绍选择的理由。方法,程序,数据的分析和工作的伦理考虑已经在下面一节中详细说明。本次采访使用的数据收集方法是对某著名酒店的旅游经理进行采访,该酒店的工作涉及酒店周边地区的营销和旅游管理。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

For this research, methodology that was used is the qualitative research methodology. The qualitative method that was selected is the interview method. This is used for the generation of the data that is developed from the practice (Chacko et al., 2012). The qualitative methods are used in many of the methodological approaches and the justification of choice is presented next. The methods, procedures, analysis of the data and the ethical considerations for the work have been detailed in the following section.The data collection method that is used for this interview is an interview conducted with the tour manager with a reputed hotel whose job connects across both marketing and tour management for the locations around the hotel.
In the interview method, to gain genuine information about the issues, there will be collation of the data from the actual sources (Bryman, 2006). For this, the interview is conducted with the hotel manager. The interview will be recorded and the information will be maintained. The anonymity of the information sources will be maintained as per qualitative research interview best practices (Gill et al., 2008). The real name will not be used for this research as an attempt to gain real insights about the particular issues.
The reason for the sampling procedure has been detailed in the following. Given the time constraints and the resource limitation, the sample that will be considered will be one. Hence, the sample needs to have extensive knowledge about the current trends of the hospitality industry. A manager in a reputed hotel brand will have real time knowledge about the issues and the current trends. There can be collation of the facts from the sampling. Thus, the manager in a branded hotel franchise was considered. In an effort to gain real insights, the real identity is maintained confidential. The data analysis technique has been detailed in the following.