本文主要讲DDR计划纳入和平条约的好处,如果没有将DDR计划纳入和平条约,任何国家都无法管理和实现和平建设。解除武装、复员和重返社会方案被认为是任何地区在战争或冲突结束后缔造和平进程的一个基本要素。为了社会的利益和促进国家的经济和社会福利,该方案也是维持该地区和平与安全的一个关键因素。解除武装部队和装备武器的个人的武装和复员对于他们在冲突集团和社会之间建立和认可信任是必要的(Zawels, 1996年)。本篇assignment代写文章由美国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Peace building is unmanageable and unachievable to any nation without incorporation DDR program in their pact of peace. The disarmament, demobilization and reintegration program is considered an essential element of the peace making process in any region after a war or conflict is ended. This program is also a key element in sustaining the peace and security of the region for the interest of society and promoting the economy and social well-being of the nation. Disarmament and demobilization of armed troops and weapon equipped individuals is necessary for their confidence building and endorsing trust among the conflicting groups and the society (Zawels, 1996).
Disarmament and demobilization of the groups help them to discharge their weaponry and build a sense of security in them, while reintegration is necessary to locate them in a prosperous position in the society (Hanggi, 2005). Proper reintegration of former combatants allows them to gain their pre-war status in the community and rebuild their social lives (Brethfeld, 2010; Sriram and Herman, 2009). In the reintegration process, it is extremely important to provide them with sufficient opportunities of employment in the society so that they never revert back to violence (KIngma, 2001; Marley, 1999).
While a country heads towards the peace building process, either at the end of conflict or to ensure sustainable human security in the society, DDR program assist them to build confidence and trust among the conflicting groups and general public (Brzoska, 2005; Ozerdem, 2009). However, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration are complex tasks to perform. They require proper and professional planning and training of the conducting staff to run a successful peace-making program, because if the authorities fail to achieve a success in DDR, the former combatants may prove to be more harmful, aggressive and violent to the society and repeated conflicts may arise (Lilly, 2002). This will consequently harm the dignity as well as the economy of the nation.