The report is divided into four parts in which the report will be introduced, the second part contains the strategies adopted by the company for future growth, the third part contains the analysis and discussion which is done with the help of researching the secondary data in the form of Charts and graphs of the financial information about the company and in the last, the report is concluded.Alibaba dominates the market share of online shopping market in China and its market share is approximately 78.8%. It is the leader in the Chinese ecommerce industry. It provides every product to the customer i.e. from groceries to automobiles (Q1 2017 Alibaba group holding ltd earnings call – final, 2016).
IT is clear from the above chart that Alibaba has the majority of share in the Internet shopping market of China and the rest of the companies share small portions or small no. of consumers (Q1 2017 Alibaba group holding ltd earnings call – final, 2016).It can be concluded that the despite the extreme competition in the retail e commerce industry in the world, Alibaba has seen tremendous growth and has outperformed in the market. It has set its foot in the Chinese retail industry and have around 79% share in the market but it still have to grab the attention of the world.
The investors of the company are positive for its growth and thus the P/E ratio is so high. The report contains the discussion of the strategies adopted by the company for its future growth by taking into consideration the macro and micro factors through the tools like PESTEL. Analysis and discussion are made about the performance of the company and its profits and market share. The financial information has been extracted from secondary sources to analyse its financial performance in the industry and what are its future prospects.In the end, the criticism which is faced by the company by different institutions and government has been discussed and the response of the company’s officials has also been given to see what view company has for the future growth of the company and how it is dealing with the criticism.